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Theatre Under the Cars

Storyeum will engage guests with a truly educational and entertaining theatrical experience. Western Canada's rich history will be presented in nine chapters. Visually compelling sets re-created from historical record will come alive through storytellers, live performances, music, special effects and lighting. This emotionally captivating and memorable experience will help visitors find relevance in Western Canada's living history, and provide them with a greater understanding of their cultural identity.

Journey Into Our Past

Descent into the underground environment and settings. Experience the dramatic and visually spectacular geological events form the North American West Coast and the natural history of super, natural British Columbia.


Inside a rushing stream in the middle of an annual, timeless, salmon run. Learn how this endless cycle set the stage for prolific life in the North West.

Ancient Trails

An ancient rainforest setting. A young Coast Salish Youth prepares, physically and spiritually to carve a canoe. Witness the spiritual connections between First Nations and Nature.

First People

Gather close around the fire inside the Bighouse and learn the oral histories, legends and traditional customs of British Columbia's First Nations people.

New Arrivals

First contact between European explorers and the First Nations. Meet Capt Juan Perez and crew of the Spanish ship Santiago, 1774 and go onboard ship with Captain Charles Derby as he arrives in Nootka Sound, 1801. See the devastation of the smallpox epidemic.

Gold Fever

Experience the Cariboo Gold Rush up close and personal. Watch Billy Barker strike gold and witness the birth of Barkerville. Learn the contribution made by the immigrant Chinese labour force and the impact of women from the Bride Ships. Disaster strikes with The Great Barkerville Fire.


John A. Macdonald dreams of a united Canada. Visitors see Major A. B. Rogers complete the railroad and witness the tragic sacrifices made by immigrant workers.

Building a Nation

Be there as an early Steam train arrives in a young Vancouver all the way from Montreal. British Columbia has now become a bustling trading centre, exploiting the natural resources of the province.


Enjoy the celebration of the vital contribution by immigrants from all over the world. See the successes brought by 150 years of immigration and resulted in the vibrant, dynamic legacy that is modern, multi-cultural Canada.

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