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August 19, 2004

She says 'Yes'! Storyeum Hosts Historic Marriage Proposal

Vancouver, British Columbia - Storyeum hosted its first marriage proposal Tuesday when Surrey resident Steve Harvester popped the question to his girlfriend May Chow in front of a live audience.

Harvester made special arrangements with the cast and crew of Storyeum to incorporate the proposal right into the dramatics of the last scene of the show.

Storyeum's last experience is set in an old Gastown warehouse, where characters Buddy and Millie are working hard to load a shipment of B.C. cargo onto a steam train. Using the improvised audience interaction, the actors were able to create the perfect scene for Harvester's proposal.

In the final moments of the performance, Millie pulled out a 'special delivery' for the couple, which included a dozen red roses and an engagement ring. Harvester got down on one knee for an audience of 70 people, and asked his girlfriend of three years to be his wife. Through tears, she was able to squeeze out the word "yes!"

Following the show, Harvester invited the entire audience as well as 40 family members and friends to a party in Storyeum's Gastown Hall to celebrate their engagement.

Storyeum is a 72-minute walk through British Columbian history, where the stories of the past come to life through live performances, special effects and multimedia.

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