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June 30, 2004

Storyeum Grand Opening Week July 1-7 In Vancouver's Historic Gastown

Vancouver, British Columbia - The next generation in historical attractions has arrived on the scene of Gastown, Vancouver's historic district. Historical Xperiences Inc. - a Canadian company that designs and manages history themed attractions - has announced the official grand opening of Storyeum, a multi-sensory, multimedia experience that brings the rich history of British Columbia to life.

Storyeum is a unique 70-minute tour through time set in an underground theatre the size of six hockey rinks. The attraction will enrich, educate and entertain local and international audiences of all ages with the vibrant history of BC in a cultural experience unlike any in the world.

"The idea is to bring awareness and appreciation to our history," said Danny Guillaume, president and CEO of Storyeum. The experience will give visitors a new appreciation for our rich history through a new and effective form of education: edutainment.

BC's exciting heritage comes alive as audiences are surrounded by extravagant movie-sets and immersed in passionate performances. State-of-the-art effects and lighting techniques, as well as a full original score, complete the multi-sensory experience.

The colourful stories begin as guests witness the spectacular geological events that shaped the northwest coast, and travel inside a rushing salmon stream. From within an ancient rainforest and bighouse setting, audiences experience the colourful oral histories of the First Nations before the emotional arrival of European explorers is brought to life on a tall ship. A thriving Barkerville tells the story of the gold rush era, and John A. Macdonald's Confederation dream becomes a reality before the audience's eyes as a steam train arrives at the docks in Gastown.

A six-minute, 360-degree finale was created from hours of footage - shot specially for Storyeum - of breathtaking natural landscape and live interviews with real British Columbians that pays a touching tribute to the vast, multicultural province.

Following the Storyeum experience, guests can visit Gastown Hall, a themed post-show space that showcases the lively streetscapes of 'turn-of-the-century' Gastown. Gastown Hall not only houses the 'Gastown Eatery' and the 'Gastown Merchants,' - unique food and beverage and merchandising outlets - but is the perfect venue for local gatherings, festivals and entertainment events.

Storyeum's construction includes several unique features that are an important part of what makes the show unlike any other. Two of the world's largest passenger lifts take audiences to and from the underground theatre and form part of the show. As well, one of the most dramatic experiences at Storyeum will feature a historic replica steam engine that actually smokes and steams onto the set.

Set in the heart of Vancouver's historic district, Gastown, Storyeum will draw visitors from around the world and bring an abundance of cultures and languages to enrich what is already one of the most diverse areas of the city.

"For residents and international visitors, the addition of Storyeum to Vancouver is welcome news," says Rick Antonson president and CEO of Tourism Vancouver. "With the convention centre expansion underway and with the successful 2010 Olympic Games bid, we anticipate an increasing number of visitors to the city who will not only enjoy, but who will truly learn, from this vibrant venture in Gastown."

Storyeum's Grand Opening Week celebrations being July 1, Canada Day, and continue through the long weekend to July 7, 2004. Shows are 70-minutes in length and run daily from 9am to 7pm every half hour.

Historical Xperiences Inc. is a private Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C. It specializes in designing, building and managing heritage attractions that offer world-class storytelling experiences using actors, sets and effects.


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