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Storyeum Story Ideas and Commissioned Article

Storyeum began with a vision to tell the spectacular stories of Canada's West Coast history for the people who live here and those who visit from around the world. Here is a 250-word publication-ready story for unrestricted editorial use, as well as a collection of story ideas.

250 Words

It's Story Time in Historic Gastown, Vancouver

Where do curious international travelers, fussy culture vultures, retro style-seekers, high-art collectors, refined foodies and families spend free time in Vancouver? Gaining on popular people places like Granville Island, Robson Street and trendy Yaletown, is Gastown, Vancouver's original home-site.   Gastown's struggle for attention – while the spotlight shone on other districts in recent years – is coming to an end. With a commitment from the City of Vancouver, area businesses, and creators of a major international attraction called Storyeum opening in June 2004, Gastown is picking up steam. This original heritage district with cobbled streets, sidewalk cafes, vintage boutiques and a host of new community events has welcomed new restaurants including the Steamworks Café and the Salty Tongue as well as events like Heritage Day, the Tour de Gastown and a luxury vintage car show. Most notable is an exciting, new attraction, called Storyeum which promises to add significant momentum to Gastown's revitalization. Featuring an underground theatre, elaborate movie set structures, dozens of talented performers as well as state of the art effects and lighting techniques, Storyeum is a must-see Vancouver experience that brings Western Canadian history to life for people of all ages. Guests will be taken through a series of underground theatres on a 70-minute experiential tour through time that will enrich, educate and entertain as the rich history of Western Canada comes to life before them. The new 104,000 square foot venue – Storyeum–will be located under the Gastown parkade. For more information about Gastown visit www.gastown.org and for information on Storyeum visit www.storyeum.com.

Story ideas:

  • Gastown is undergoing a major – and long overdue – transformation with the addition of Storyeum, an exciting new attraction in Vancouver's most nostalgic area that will spark good news for local businesses, visitors and the city's tourism scene. Visit www.storyeum.com.
  • In a tough tourism market, downtown businesses pull together to market and promote their products and services. As a result, the lure of Vancouver's downtown is getting stronger. The CN IMAX Theatre at Canada Place, Granville Island, Storyeum, the Vancouver Aquarium, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver Trolley Company, the Vancouver Lookout! Tower and Harbour Cruises are spreading the word about some of the wonderful attractions and things to do while in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Visit www.downtownvan.com
  • Field trip fun takes a new turn with the introduction of Storyeum to Vancouver in June 2004. A fun, new educational destination will top the list for outings among teachers of students all ages and interest levels when it opens in historic Gastown. Visit www.storyeum.com to see why educators and parents should mark their calendars for one of the most compelling learning experiences on offer.
  • The risks and rewards of following a dream. Meet Danny Guillaume president & CEO of Storyeum, a dramatic, live storytelling adventure opening in Vancouver's Gastown. The founder of Petcetera and West Coast Video, Mr. Guillaume has built and operated several successful businesses including the Tunnels of Moose Jaw.  
  • Innovative use of urban space. Under construction in Vancouver's heritage district, is a new 104,000 square foot venue. Part museum and part theatre, this new venue will be housed under the city's largest parkade. The architectural accomplishments and creative use of underground space open possibilities for similar projects worldwide.

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